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Now we need to fill in the templates that were created for our content categories Content Categories (but you can also select the existing ones). For that, go to the Global Templates and Blueprints on the left bar of the page and click on "Edit" for the Application/Server template.


  • “Display Metadata” macro: by including it, you can choose to display all the Metadata fields you’ve assigned to the page (process) or select and display only the Metadata fields you need from the page;

  •  “Metadata Report” macro - it displays a table of pages belonging to the selected Content Category. The pages to be shown can be configured with filters, based on their Metadata field values. For example, you can use it to list all sub processes of the current process. The corresponding filter for that we'll add after creating a process page;

  • The “Create from template” macro allows us to create a button, which will create a new process type from the template.