Feature Overview (v 3.1)

We strive to offer an accessible equivalent to Confluence features. The following features/views are available:

Screen Reader

  • Pages and blogposts
    • Create pages and blogposts
    • View pages and blogposts
    • Edit content
    • Create content
    • Remove content
    • Show and Add Attachments
    • Show Inline and Pinned Comments (edit, answer, resolve, reopen, delete, like)
    • Add to favourites
    • Watch pages and blogposts
    • Share page or blogpost
    • Show page hierarchy
    • Blog Post Structure
    • Comments (add, edit, answer, delete, like)
  • Spaces
    • Create space
    • View space details
    • Edit space details
    • Delete space
    • Watch space
  • Settings
    • Manage Watches
    • Edit password
    • Change email settings
    • Change settings
    • Change profile picture
    • Edit profile details
  • People directory
    • Searchable list of users and profile fields
    • Integration with User Profiles for Confluence app
      • Show custom user profile fields
  • Skip Welcome Action with hidden link
  • Show complete page hierarchy

High Contrast Mode

  • Optimizations for High Contrast Mode in Confluence

Navigation via Keyboard

  • Hidden link to activate screenreader mode
  • Improved tab order

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