Creating Barrier-Free Templates (v 3.1)

In Screen Reader Mode (v 3.1) it is not possible to use and edit regular Confluence templates.

To solve this problem, an administrator can create barrier-free templates with the "Accessibility-Template-Macro".

How to Create a Barrier-Free Template

If you possess Confluence administrator permissions, you can define a global barrier-free template via the Confluence Administration Console.

  1. Choose "Global Templates and Blueprints"
  2. Click on "Add global page template"
  3. Insert the "Accessibilitytemplate" Macro

  4. Enter text or wiki markup 
  5. Click on "Save"

Image 1: Creating a barrier-free template (click to enlarge)

See Using Barrier-Free Templates (v 3.1) on how to use the created templates.

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