Remove a Content Category and Metadata from a page

In addition to assigning a Content Category to an existing page, it is also easy to remove a Content Category. Users who want to do this only need editing permissions for the page.

Remove Content Category

To remove a Content Category from a page, navigate to the desired page. Open the page action menu and select the “Remove Content Category” item.

Confirm the Removal

In the next step, you have to confirm that you want to remove the Content Category from the page which will also delete the assigned Metadata. After you have confirmed this by clicking "Remove", there is no way to undo this anymore!

After confirming

After confirming, you will see that the small icon and the content category name disappear from the page.



For technical reasons, the "Remove Content Category" menu item is still available, but you cannot do anything for now. To reassign the page to a Content Category, please reload the page. After that, you can proceed as described in