Create a process report based on employee location


A process manager works for an international automotive company. They are using Confluence for Cloud to create and maintain all process documentation.

What? - Use Case

The process manager wants to create a process overview page where every employee will see an overview of all processes relevant to their location. He uses the Metadata Reporting to filter for a specific location and then have that macro displayed:

  1. The manager chooses the Content Category “Process documentation”.

  2. After entering all the metadata, they click on the plus sign to access the Macro Browser, and write “Metadata Report”.

  3. To create the Macro Report and filter it for a specific location, they select the Content Category they want to display (in this case, Process Overview) and add the Metadata filter linked to the Process Location.

And here’s the result:

Why? - Added Value & Benefits

Effective content filtering
Accurate reporting for process management
Employee engagement

How? - Feature Used

Metadata Report Macro. If you’d like to read more about the feature click here.