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About the App

SubSpace Navigation offers a simple way to organize and navigate Confluence! With SubSpace Navigation, you can effortlessly create and customize Navigation Menus to streamline access to essential content, improving overall usability and efficiency. 

Key Features:

  • Custom Navigation Menus: Create Menus tailored to your organization's structure and workflow, providing users with intuitive access to essential content. Display several types of items: spaces, pages, blog posts, external links, folders and CQL query results.

  • Flexible Configuration: Fine-tune menu visibility and styling to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless user experience across Confluence spaces. 

  • Multiple Menus: Create and manage multiple Navigation Menus, allowing for distinct navigation configurations across different spaces within Confluence.

Important links: 

  • Want to set up a 1:1 demo and see how the app works? You can do so by booking a slot at this link.

  • You can see our public roadmap here.

  • Check out our playlist with short demos of various features here


You will find on this page the currently released user documentation of our app, divided into User and Administrator Guide. Use the navigation on the left side to guide yourself through the chapters of the documentation. 

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