Updating your SharePoint Connector License Details (v 1.9)

This page tells you how to update the license details for your Confluence SharePoint Connector, once you have purchased a license.

Overview of Licensing


You will need to comply with Microsoft's licensing requirements for SharePoint itself:

  • SharePoint 2007: If you have Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), you must buy a license from Microsoft. Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 is free.
  • SharePoint 2010: If you have SharePoint Server 2010, you must buy a license from Microsoft. SharePoint Foundation 2010 is free.
  • SharePoint 2013: If you have SharePoint Server 2013, you must buy a license from Microsoft. SharePoint Foundation 2013 is free.

See our guide to the Comparing SharePoint Versions and Editions.


Each Confluence installation must be licensed with Atlassian. Cluster nodes are licensed separately. A 4-node cluster needs four Confluence licenses.

See the Confluence documentation on licensing and see the following website for Confluence pricing.

The Confluence SharePoint Connector

The SharePoint Connector must also be licensed.

  • You must have a single license for the SharePoint Connector for every Confluence installation (or cluster node in an installation) that integrates with SharePoint.
  • If you have one Confluence installation, you only need one license for the Confluence SharePoint Connector even if several SharePoint farms, web applications or sites are connecting to your Confluence installation.

Applying your SharePoint Connector License Key

To update your SharePoint Connector license details:

  1. Go to the Confluence 'Administration Console'. To do this:
    • Choose the cog icon at top right of the screen, then choose Confluence Admin.
  2. Click 'SharePoint Admin' in the 'Administration' section of the left-hand navigation panel.
  3. The 'SharePoint Admin' screen appears. Scroll down to the licensing section and copy your license key into the 'License' text box.
  4. Click 'Save License'.

Screenshot: The licensing section of the Confluence 'SharePoint Admin' page