Display Options & Data Privacy Settings


In the Confluence settings, scroll down to SubSpace Navigation on the left and go to the “Settings” entry. Here, you can configure how all your SubSpace Navigation Menus will be displayed.

Hide No Permission and Deleted Content Elements

Image 1: Hide No permission and Deleted content elements OFF (click to enlarge)

If this toggle button is ON, it will hide all items for which the logged in user has no access, that show up as “Inaccessible item”. The child elements of these items will also not be visible.

Global CQL Result Limit

Here, you can specify the limit of all CQL results showing up in your Navigation Menu. The default CQL limit is set to 10 results.

Always Expand Sub-Items

The SubSpace Navigation for Confluence allows you to configure the visualization of the sub-items of the first-level elements of the Menu. You can choose whether you want them to always be expanded or not.

Image 2: Always Expand Sub-items OFF (click to enlarge)

By default, and when the Always expand sub-items toggle is ON, all the sub-items of the first level elements of the configuration will be displayed as in the figure:

Blogposts folder having its sub-items expanded
Image 3: Example: Blogposts folder having its sub-items expanded (click to enlarge)

In case your configuration contains many sub-items for the first level elements, you can simply switch the Always expand sub-items toggle OFF. Navigate to the Preferences tab in the Navigation Configuration dialog, and click on the toggle to deactivate it.

After saving the configuration, navigate to the menu again. You will notice that the elements do not have their sub-items expanded anymore. In order to see other child items, just click the right arrow icon, showing up at the right of the element.

Blogposts folder having its sub-items unexpanded
Image 4: Example: Blogposts folder having its sub-items unexpanded (click to enlarge)

Data Privacy

If the toggle button is on, you are allowing app data tracking. 

Image 5: Allow app data tracking OFF (click to enlarge)

By allowing us to track user behavior (see more details here), you're helping us improve the SubSpace app.
We are GDPR compliant (see Privacy Statement) and will not pass your personal information to third parties or organisations.