Migration from Confluence Server/Data Center to Confluence Cloud (Old Version)

This is an older approach for migrating SubSpace Server/DC in a Confluence Cloud instance, which includes more manual steps. 

A new semi-automatic migration approach is available in the 3.5.4 version of SubSpace Navigation for Confluence Server/DC and 3.4 for SubSpace Navigation for Confluence Cloud, you can follow the steps described here.  

If you either don't have one of those versions or for some reason still want to use this old approach, you can still do so (as it is functional). 

For time-saving purposes and better results, we would still recommend the new approach. 

This guide includes steps that require some technical knowledge. If possible, we recommend you try the migration process in a staging system first. 

Please, contact us if you run into problems with the migration or have any questions. You can raise a support request and we will assist you.


The Subspace Navigation for Confluence app has to be installed and licensed in Confluence Cloud.

Make sure to visit the "Configuration" page after the installation. This will create the necessary space and page.

Migrate the Navigation configuration

Extract data from Confluence Server/Data Center

To migrate the navigation structure, first you should extract the Subspace configuration data from the database of your Confluence Server/Data Center instance.

The following query should be used. Note that it is written for a PostgreSQL database and should be adjusted for other databases.

SELECT bandanavalue FROM BANDANA WHERE BANDANAKEY = 'de.communardo.confluence.plugins.subspace.navigationstructure';


The data should be transformed into the correct format before migrating it to cloud. Copy the value you got from executing the query to a text editor of your choice and follow the steps below:

  • Remove <string> and </string>

  • Replace &quot; with a normal double quote character (")

  • Decode unicode entities present in the data. For this step you can use an online tool. (Example: Decode/Unescape Unicode Entities)

  • Validate the configuration before continuing with the next steps. You can do this by using a number of free online tools. (Example: https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/#)

    • Fix any issue reported by the tool

    • Do not use the formatted string. This will cause issues when pasting the configuration inside the macro. Use a tool like: http://json.dylansweb.com/ to unformat the JSON. This also reduces the size.

Example of the Subspace configuration data transformed in the correct format for migration to cloud:

[{"title":"Metadata","link":"327693","type":"internallink","id":"d764d033-5887-411a-b88f-6a31caa04a97","permitted":true,"attributes":{"alternativetitle":"Metadata"},"children":[]},{"title":"test space","link":"TS","type":"space","id":"3203407d-6773-48e6-a8d3-3a3d45805bbc","permitted":true,"attributes":{"alternativetitle":""},"children":[]},{"title":"Subspace navigation for Confluence","link":"","type":"folder","id":"326b1311-e549-432e-a31a-4f7fc84ddaea","permitted":true,"attributes":{},"children":[{"title":"Documentation","link":"https://support.communardo.de/display/cssp","type":"externallink","id":"b644ba37-5fa0-47b6-b15c-3d7f14c218f8","permitted":true,"attributes":{},"children":[]}]},{"title":"Personal","link":"space = DEV","type":"cql","id":"ae4c09bb-2858-44bc-a0a2-62e3049d5a84","permitted":true,"attributes":{},"children":[]}]

Migrate data to Confluence Cloud

Now that we have prepared the data, we are ready to continue with the migration process: 

  • On your cloud instance, go to the space with key "COMMUNARDOPRODUCTS" and find the page titled "Navigation Configuration" within this space.

  • Edit the page, you will see a Page Properties hidden macro. Save the transformed configuration data inside this macro.

  • When pasting the configuration, make sure to use the option "Paste as plain text" and not the normal "Paste". This will make sure that the macro uses the data without trying to apply some formatting to it.

  • Save the page and the Subspace configuration will have been migrated to your confluence cloud instance.

Known Limitations

Internal links might not be successfully migrated. This is a known issue and you need to manually edit your navigation and include the internal links.