Menu Configuration (Style) 

In the "Menu Style" section of Menu Configuration, you can configure the Menu icon and also choose the Menu background color. 

Image 1: "Menu Style" section (click to enlarge)
Image 2: Configure Menu Icon (click to enlarge)


On the left, you have the possibility to either display or not the Menu icon in the navigation bar. To do this, use the toggle button.

If it is on, the default icon will be displayed, which you can change by uploading a new image of the supported formats: jpg, jpeg, svg and png. Use “Upload an image” button to upload the image of your choice.

You can also specify where the icon will be redirecting to:

  • space directory: the icon will redirect to your Confluence space directory;

  • custom link: the icon will redirect to the URL you have entered;

  • disable link: in this case, the icon will not be clickable.

You can configure the icon link to be opened in the current tab or in a new one. Use the “Open the link in a new tab” toggle.

  • space directory: by default is opened in the same tab;

  • custom link: by default is opened in a new tab.


On the right, you can select the background color of the Menu. To do this, use the color picker or specify the hex format to change the background color.

Image 3: Color picker (click to enlarge)