Company Chat App Integration (v 3.3)

SINCE VERSION 3.1 Company Chat App Integration (previously Skype for Business Integration)

The Company Chat App Integration allow you to start a chat with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business directly from user profile cards.

You can configure the Company Chat App Integration in the administration section at User Profile Configuration > Integration Options > Company Chat App Integration.
You can choose between an integration for Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. Only one integration can be activated at a time. To have no integration at all, just disable all the options.

Image 1: Configuration – Company Chat App Integration

If enabled, user profiles and organization charts will be enriched with a link in the footer of the card for starting a chat with the user.

Image 2: Profile card displays a link in the footer to initiate a chat

Be aware that the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams link contains the user's email address. If you limited the rendering of the email address to administrators in the security settings, you should probably also disable this option.



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