Bundled Metadata App (v 3.0)

The app Metadata for Confluence is a required dependency for the Process Management Suite.

Therefore, the Metadata app is bundled with the Process Management Suite and is installed automatically when you install the latter from the Marketplace.

Consequently, if you disable or uninstall the Metadata app in the Universal Plugin Manager the Process Management Suite for Confluence will be disabled too and can’t be used anymore.

User information: Metadata license

You don't have to purchase a separate license for the Metadata app. As soon as valid license for the Process Management Suite has been added Metadata will be considered licensed too.

Updating Metadata

Although the Metadata app has its own listing in the Marketplace, please do not update the app manually by getting its latest version from there.

Instead, please wait for the next release of the Process Management Suite because it will contain the latest stable version of Metadata that has been successfully tested together with the Process Management app. As soon as you install this release Metadata will also be updated.

Metadata is already installed

Normally, no extra steps are necessary before installing the Process Management Suite if you have already a Marketplace version of the Metadata app installed in your Confluence. The Metadata app will just be updated to the newer one bundled with the Process Management Suite.


If you need a certain older version of Metadata, please be careful before installing the Process Management Suite (e.g. backup your Confluence) because Metadata will be updated and some of your use-cases depending on the older version might not be working anymore.

Uninstalling the Process Management Suite

When you uninstall the Process Management Suite via the Universal Plugin Manager, the Metadata app is not removed automatically. You have to do this manually.

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