Confluence: Add and use SharePoint lists (v 1.5)

Add the Macro

To embed a SharePoint list resp. document library open the Macro Browser and choose the macro "SharePoint Online List"

 Image 1: Add SharePoint lists macro (click to enlarge)

Configure the List macro

The Macro contains several options to select the relevant list


Image 2: SharePoint Online List configuration (click to enlarge)

1) Search Bar

Filter and find lists by searching for the lists name.

2) Show/hide Filter Settings

Show or hide additional filter settings.

3) Filter Settings

Choose the date the list has been modified for the last time. Options are "Last 24 hours", "Last week", "Last month", "Last year"

4) Define start folder


Choose a folder within the selected list that is used as the start folder, when the list is first displayed.

Use the List macro

When the SharePoint Online list is added to the page, you can see the content of the list.


For the list type "document library" you further have the option to open, download or delete documents in the list by clicking on the three dots in the document row.

Image 3: SharePoint Online List macro (document library) on a confluence page (click to enlarge)

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