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With the SharePoint Connector for Confluence you can combine Confluence's free-form, easy to edit wiki with the document management of SharePoint Online.

Easily embed Confluence pages and blog posts in SharePoint. Bidirectional synchronization means that content is always up to date, and comments are instantly shared on both platforms. Instantly share and edit SharePoint documents within embedded lists in Confluence. All changes are automatically synchronized with SharePoint's content repository.

The SharePoint Connector for Confluence has been renamed. In earlier versions, the app was called "SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence."


The Confluence Cloud and the Server/DC version of this app  are not completely feature-congruent. Please refer to the associated User's Guides for detailed information.

You will find on this page the currently released user documentation of our app, divided into User and Administrator (Upgrade, Installation) GuideUse the navigation on the left side to guide yourself through the chapters of the documentation. On the introductory page of the documentation you will find more information about the target groups and all released versions of our app.

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