Confluence: Add SharePoint documents (v 1.5)

Add macro

To embed a document form SharePoint into a Confluence page open the Macro Browser and select the "SharePoint Online Document" macro

 Image 1: Search for SharePoint documents (click to enlarge)

Configure Document macro

The Macro contains several options to either select the relevant document or choose the correct layout of the document.

Image 2: Overview macro preview (click to enlarge)

1) Searchbar

Filter and find documents by searching for the documents name.

2) Show/hide Filter Settings

Show or hide additional filter settings.

3) Filter Settings

Several filter settings are available to refine the searchresults.

4) Show/hide Display options

This option defines the way the document will be rendered. "Link" provides a persistent link - even if the document has been renamed or moved. By clicking this link, the document will be opened in Office Web App if it is configured with SharePoint. Otherwise, the document is going to be opened depending on default browser behavior. Documents that are not supported by Office Web App, will also trigger the default browser behavior.  

Document link preview Image 3: Document link preview (click to enlarge)

In contrast to this, "Fixed View" (700px width) or "Responsive View" (max width) will render the document to appear as a preview on the page, so you can see the content of the Office document inside of confluence.

Image 4:  Document preview (click to enlarge)

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