SharePoint: Install Client-Side Solution (v 1.0)


You need to be a SharePoint Site Owner to perform the following steps.

If the check mark "Make this solution available to all sites in the organization" was set when deploying the package, it is no longer necessary to add the app per SiteCollection. In that case the webparts will already be available.


To check that the client-side solution can be added to sites, proceed with the following steps:

1. Go to the site collection you want to add SharePoint Connector web parts to.
2. Choose the gears icon on the top navigation bar on the right and choose Add an app to go to your Apps page.
3. In the Search box, enter Confluence and choose Enter to filter your apps.

4. Choose the Confluence Content app to install the app on the site.

The client-side solution and the web part are installed on your site.

The Site Contents page will show you the installation status of the client-side solution. Make sure the installation is complete before proceeding.

You can now add SharePoint Connector web parts to the site collection. Proceed with any of the steps described in the User's Guide (v 1.0) .


As SharePoint admin you should test the activities site owners will perform. This makes sure there aren't any problems when site owners try to add SharePoint Connector webparts.


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