Upgrade on-premise (v 1.5)

To upgrade the SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence, go through the steps in the order indicated on this page.

Upgrade the Confluence app

As Confluence Admin, upgrade the Confluence "Sharepoint Online Connector for Confluence" in the Global Administration under Manage Add-ons.

Upgrade the SharePoint Add-in

Upgrade add-in in SharePoint App Catalog

The required steps don't differ from the according steps of the initial installation and you can access the corresponding documentation sections for executing this part of the upgrade:

Upgrade the add-in version in SharePoint sites

In order to refresh the version in sites the add-in is installed proceed as follows:

You need to be a SharePoint Site Owner to perform the following steps.


1. Go to the site collection where you want to refresh the SharePoint Connector add-in.

2. Choose > SharePoint Connector for Confluence > context menu > About

Image 1: Site contents (click to enlarge)

3. In the details dialog there should be stated that a new version is available. Click GET IT.

Image 2: Details dialog if newer version is available (click to enlarge)

4. In the next dialog click Trust it.

Image 3: Trust dialog (click to enlarge)


If the "GET IT" button won't be provided in the details dialog no newer version is available for the SharePoint Online Connector add-in. In this case check the version displayed in the app catalog and compare with the version displayed in the details dialog for the installed version in the site.

Image 4: Details dialog if no newer version is available (click to enlarge)


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