SharePoint add Confluence blog lists (v 1.0)

Add WebPart

To insert Confluence content in SharePoint edit the page and click on the + symbol and choose "EmbedConfluenceContent":

Add Confluence Content WebPart

Image 1: Add Confluence Content WebPart (click to enlarge)

Configure the WebPart

After inserting the WebPart select the cotent type to be inserted: either a Confluence Page or a Confluence Blog List or a single Blog Post.

Confluence content options

Image 2: Confluence content options (click to enlarge)


Insert Confluence Blog Lists 

To insert Conflunece Blog Lists from a specific space you will have to choose Blog Lists in the configuration overview

The list of Confluence Spaces will be automaticall adjusted when typing the title of a page. If there are to many results you may want to refine your search by limiting it to one Confluence Space by selecting that Space in the menu

Blog lists

Image 3: Blog Lists (click to enlarge)



Save Configuration

You may preview or save you configuration at any time.

Finish the process by saving your configuration and saving the SharePoint page as well.


You can't add more than 10 WebParts on one page.


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