Installation Guide (Cloud)

To install the SharePoint Connector for Confluence Cloud, go through the pages in order, if not otherwise indicated on the page.

Prerequisites for Administration

All communication between Confluence and SharePoint Online is done by the client of the end user (i.e. browser). A direct connection between the two servers is not necessary. In order to use this app, the user therefore needs to have access to both systems with the browser running on the local machine. The same principle applies to the administration and the initial setup.

The configuration can only be used in a supported browser. See this page for more information: Prerequisites (Cloud)

Confluence must be accessed via HTTPS (SSL)

Prerequisites for searching documents and lists from Confluence macros

The logged in users should have at least read access to the root SharePoint site collection in order to perform search queries on the SharePoint List and Document macro configuration

Install and configure Confluence app

This step depends on the "Consent and permissions" configuration for your organization

Normally each user should be able to consent to the app separately but there are cases where organizations prevent this because of the way they have configured consenting of apps. If you would like to consent to the app for all users of your organization you can follow the steps below.

Embed Confluence pages into SharePoint pages

This step is only required if you also intend to embed Confluence pages in SharePoint pages (see SharePoint: Embed Confluence Cloud page (Cloud)).

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