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Introducing our "App News & Changelog" page! Here, you'll find all the latest news, releases, and enhancements for our app. Stay in the loop with our newest features, bug fixes, and more. Bookmark this page to stay updated on everything happening with our app!

April 2024

1. Improvement New Release Alert: Metadata Cloud 1.1.24-AC

  • Experience smoother Live Filters with our latest update! Enhancements have been made for better performance.

2. Improvement New Release Alert: Metadata Cloud 1.1.23-AC

  • We're excited to announce the latest release, focusing on improving the Live Filters feature. Users can now enjoy enhanced functionality, making the experience more professional.

3. NEW Atlassian In-App Access Rules Changes

March 2024

1.The Metadata Report macro enables dynamic live filtering, featuring the 'Add filter' button

  • NEW By selecting the Metadata field you wish to filter and specifying the exact Metadata value, you can easily live filter content associated with a Content Category within the Metadata Report macro.

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December 2023

1.Customize Your Metadata Report

  • Exciting news for Metadata users! You can now personalize your Metadata Report macro by choosing which fields to display. This handy feature gives you more control over your reports, making it easier than ever to analyze your data.

Users are able to Configure the Metadata fields (columns) to be displayed in the Metadata Report macro. 

2.Metadata finally goes dark

  • new Big news for Metadata users – our app now supports Atlassian's Cloud themes, including the highly anticipated dark mode.

3.Users can rely on a secure and modern app, as we have brought the technical basis of the app up to date 

improvements Many other small improvements and optimizations that make the app much easier to use and significantly increase its user-friendliness. 

November 2023

1.Configure of Display Metadata macro in Content Category page temaplate

Now, the users are able to configure the Display Metadata macro when editing a Content Category connected to a page template.  

September 2023

Editing Metadata values for pages assigned to Content Categories with empty Page link fields no longer causes the edit dialog to freeze.

2.Migration is available

Users can now easily migrate their Metadata values from Server and Data Center to Cloud. Be aware that you have to create the Content Categories on Cloud firstly and then you will be able to migrate the values mentioned above. For more information you can take a look here:

May 2023

1.bugfix release Fixed: Metadata Edit Dialog Availability in Content Category Template Creation

Previously, users were unable to access the Metadata Edit Dialog when creating pages using Content Category templates. This issue has been resolved, ensuring a smoother page creation process

December 2022

  • Improvements improve the Display Metadata macro (improved default behavior and look changes)

  • The "Current page" can now be used as a quick and easy filter option for Page link fields