🚧 How do App access rules affect Metadata?

The following documentation details apply for the Data Security Policies that can now be configured by Confluence admins.

With the introduction of App access rules, Confluence admins now have the ability to restrict certain apps from accessing data. With the new feature of Data security policies, admins can select each policy coverage at any space level. As a result, access to any space content, including pages, blog posts, and whiteboards, may be limited.

🧐 What to expect?

If the app’s space access is blocked, any page link to that content will not be visible anymore. This means that any page link, which was previously displayed in the list of pages in the Report Metadata macro, will no longer be visible.

In the Content Category assignment panel, only when opened in edit mode, users will still be able to see the "Restricted page" label. This will be visible in the page link values coming from content with app blocked access. In the provided screenshot, the page link comes from a parent space, in which the app access is now blocked.

Additionally, users will be unable to search or update the link field metadata with pages that originate from spaces with app blocked access.

🗂️ How will Display Metadata and Report Metadata macro look like?

If applied, the app access rules will also block any macro content which was previously configured in any page of a space with data policies. An informational banner will be shown to the end-users as follows: