Process Management Suite vs Quality Management use case with Metadata Cloud Differences


There's currently no Cloud version available for the Process Management Suite app. However, our Metadata for Confluence Cloud offers the possibility to build various use cases, one of them being an interactive and innovative Process Documentation in Confluence.

There are some key differences between using each app to build a Process Documentation use case, and we've documented all of them below.

Here’s an overview of all the functionalities for the Quality Management Use Case using Metadata for Confluence Cloud vs Process Management Suite.

This comparison is made by taking into consideration the current state and behavior of the app. Based on customers' requests and needs, the app can change so it offers a solution to fulfill our customer's needs.


The main conceptual differences, and how they translate from server to cloud.

Server Concept

Cloud Concept

Server Concept

Cloud Concept

Usage of the Blueprints to create Process Types, Processes, and Sub Processes

In Cloud, templates are used for this functionality. For each Process Type, Process & Sub Process you need to create a Content Category and assign it to a template.

As a next step, you can configure a template with the following macros to create the Process Overview pages and check the details of each Process & Sub Process:

  • Display Metadata

  • Metadata Report

  • Create from Template

The Process Management Suite uses features of Metadata for Confluence Server. Since the Metadata app itself differs between Cloud and Server, building this use case with the Metadata Cloud might have some limitations in functionalities compared to Process Management Suite.


The main feature differences

Functionality in the Process Management Suite app

Availability in Metadata Cloud


Functionality in the Process Management Suite app

Availability in Metadata Cloud


Create Process Types


Create Processes

Unlike Server/DC version, the ability to add a background image to a process is not provided in cloud.


Create Sub Process


Create Workspaces


Pre-configured templates and systems

There are no preconfigured templates directly available after the installation for Metadata Cloud.

“Process Search” Macro

In cloud we can use the report macro configured with filters to list all children of a process type, process or sub process.

(For instance, sub processes of the current process or processes belonging to a process type).

Unlike Server/DC version, it is not possible to search for related processes and sub processes.



Process Contact Person Macro

Possible by using Display macro configured to show only “Process Contact Person” field.

Unlike Server/DC version, you cannot see it rendered as a full user profile.

Macros :

  • Applicable Documents Macro

  • My Tasks Macro

  • Comment Aggregation

  • No Print Macro

  • Page-ID Macro

There are some native Confluence macros that can partly cover the functionalities of some missing macros:

  • Attachments macro

  • Task Report macro

  • Recently Updated macro

Since these macros are too specific for Quality Management and the Metadata app is targeted towards some more general use cases, they are currently not available.

Comala publishing integration



If you need more information on how to build a Quality Management use case with the Metadata Cloud app, you can refer to this page.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions right here or set up a live product demo with one of our engaging team members here.