Connect Files

Open the connect dialog

Connecting files to a Jira issue is pretty simple and can be done without leaving Jira! You can simply navigate to the Jira issue where you want to connect files to and use Connect function on the issue panel:

Picture 1: Connect files

This will open up the dialog which provides you multiple ways to acquire your files.

Hint: If the issue panel is not visible you can add it by using the SharePoint Files action from the action bar to make it visible.

Picture 2: Add SharePoint Files panel to issue

Acquire files to connect

Our goal is to make it as simple and fast as possible for you to acquire the right files from Microsoft 365. Therefore we provide multiple ways (1) to find your files so that you are able to choose the one which fits your case.

It’s also possible to select multiple files from different tabs

Picture 3: Acquire files from Microsoft 365


Files can be selected by ticking the checkbox. You will be able to see all your selected files in the bottom section of the dialog and remove the selection if needed. (2)

If you finished the file selection you can connect all selected files to the issue by clicking the Connect button. (3)

Get Files you recently worked on

The fastest way to connect files is located in the Start tab which is opened immediately. The tab provides you the latest files you recently worked on in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Global search for Files

The global search allows you to search for files in the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem and is also located in the Start tab.

Picture 4: Global Search


Get Files by SharePoint Site

The SharePoint Sites tab provides you the “classic” way to find your files. Here you are able to browse through libraries and folders of any SharePoint site to find the desired files.

At the start you have to select your preferred SharePoint site at the dropdown. If your needed SharePoint Site is currently not contained in the list, you have always the possibility to search for the name of the site directly in the dropdown field. During the search a loading spinner will indicate the process.

After you selected a SharePoint Site all files and folders will be displayed in the table (1). By clicking on a folder, you are able to list the files of a specific folder. The breadcrumbs (2) at the top will display you current path to the selected directory and give you the possibility to navigate backwards.

Picture 5: SharePoint Sites


Get Files from My OneDrive

The My OneDrive tab provides you the easiest way to browse your own files and folders inside your OneDrive. You can simply just scroll through the table to find and select the files you are looking for.

Picture 6: My OneDrive

Get Files from Shared with me

The Shared with me tab provides you a simple and fast browsing option for OneDrive files or folders that have been Shared with you from which you can select and connect to the Jira ticket. Below you can see the same table format as in the previous tab (OneDrive) where you can scroll through the pages and locate the file that has been shared with you.

Picture 7: Shared with me