Work with Files

View modes

After connecting files to an issue you are able to see them in the SharePoint Files issue panel. There are two view modes available which you can switch to based on your personal preference.

Changing the view mode is just related to the current user as this information is not stored on the issue.

Currently, the following view modes are supported:

Card view

This view provides a similar experience as the attachments section and contains a preview of the file.

Picture 1: Connected files - card view



List view

This view is optimized to show detailed information about files and to provide fast access to file actions.

Picture 2: Connected files - list view



File Actions

There are several actions available for connected files which are available in the List view and in the Card view. On the card view the actions can be accessed by hovering on a card where a context menu and common actions will be available.







View Full Screen

Opens a dialog where a full preview of the file is shown. (This depends if the file type can be previewed in the browser)

Edit in browser

Clicking this action will open a new tab where you will get redirected to the edit view of that document in SharePoint


Will download the file locally

Open in Parent Folder

Clicking this action will open a new tab where you will get redirected to the parent folder of that document in SharePoint


This action will disconnect the file from the Jira issue. (This action is reversible if you click on the Reconnect button from the information flag)

Disconnect all Files

The Disconnect all action allows you to disconnect all connected SharePoint files from the Jira issue.



Undo disconnect file action

If you have accidentally disconnected all files and want to revert that action, you can do so by clicking on the Reconnect button that appears on the information flag after disconnecting, as shown below. This action is available for single file disconnect action as well as disconnect all action