SharePoint: Deploy Add-in package to the App Catalog (v 1.4)

Upload App

  1. In the App Catalog click Apps for SharePoint (see below image)
  2. Click new app (see below image)
  3. Click Browse... and choose the .app file. Then click OK. (see below image)
  4. In the Apps for SharePoint list check that the package is enabled and valid (see below image)

Register App

Go to the browser URL and delete the part after <sharepoint-url>.../layouts and add /appregnew.aspx

You should get a form asking for Client Id, Client Secret etc like in the below image:


  • Paste the Client Id: 1a00be32-7025-467b-ae12-93e887478b48
  • Click Generate a Client Secret App key
  • Title: Confluence Content
  • App Domain: Confluence host of the confluence base URL - that means without https:// e.g.
  • Redirect URI: Confluence base URL with path: /plugins/servlet/csi/sp/provider attached, e.g.

The add-in can now be added by users to sites.

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