Install URL Rewrite Module for IIS (v 1.2)

These steps have been verified for IIS 7.5.

1. Log in to a SharePoint farm server as machine administrator.

2. Open the IIS Manager.

3. Click Get New Web Platform Components

mouse hovers over Get New Web Platform Components link in IIS Manager


4. Download and run the installer.

webpage for download of microsoft web platform installer with big green download buttonmouse hovering over 'run' button for wpilauncher.exe

5. Follow the instructions to install the "URL Rewrite" module.

  • Confirm installation of URL Rewrite 2.0 with 'Add' (see below image)

  • Confirm with 'install'

  • Click 'I accept' to indicate you want to install third-party software and agree to Microsoft license terms (see below image)

  • You will be notified when URL Rewrite 2.0 has been installed. Confirm with 'Finish'. (see below image)


The URL Rewrite module is now ready. You will see a new icon 'URL Rewrite' in the IIS Manager (see below image)


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