Assigning roles for managing licenses

In order to assign and revoke licenses to the users of your tenant, your user need to have assigned a specific role in the Modern Work Guide Azure App.

The actual look of the Azure portal might differ from the screenshots in this guide as the user interface is updated frequently by Microsoft.

To assign Roles, you need to be an Azure Active Directory administrator

  1. Go to and select Enterprise applications

  2. Select Modern Work Guide from the list

  3. Under Manage, select Users and groups

  4. Select Add user/Group

  5. In the Add Assignment Panel, click on None Selected to open the side panel to select a user

  6. Search for the user you want to assign the role to and click on it, then click on Select

  7. On the main panel, click on Assign

  8. You will be redirected to the Users and groups panel, you will see the user you added.

  9. The user should have already the role Manage Licenses


If the user is already listed in your Enterprise Application but doesn’t have the role assigned then follow the guide below.

  1. Select the user

  2. Click on the edit button on top

  3. On the Edit Assignment page, click on None Selected under Select a Role


  4. Click on the Manage Licenses Role on the side panel and then click on Select

  5. Click on Assign on the main Edit Assignment panel.

  6. Now the role should be assigned to the user.

After following the above procedures you should be able to access the license management page where you will be able to manage the licenses for the users of your active directory. Read more here.