How to buy a subscription

To buy a subscription you can start from the Microsoft Teams app Modern Work Guide application. You will see a link at the top of the navigation bar inside the Microsoft Teams app that will redirect to the Modern Work Guide Subscription browser page, where the purchase process takes place. (See Fig.1 & Fig.2 for reference)

Fig.1 - MWG Teams app premium subscription link

Login with Microsoft account

After clicking on the link, you see the application login page where you should choose “Sign in with Microsoft” and enter your Microsoft account credentials. Afterwards you must accept the permission request to read your basic user data such as first name, last name and user avatar. (See Fig.2 for reference)

Fig.2 - Login page

Grant permissions

once you grant permissions, the Pricing page of the application opens up. Here you can choose between two pricing plans, the “Premium Subscription” or the “Free Plan”. (See Fig.3 for reference)

View and choose Plan

  1. By choosing the “Premium Subscription”, you get redirected to the store form.

  2. By choosing the “Free Plan”, you get redirected to the Dashboard.


Client information

Inside the store, you will see a form where you have to fill in the required client information and the quantity of the licenses that you want to purchase. Proceed and finish the payment of the licenses. (See Fig.4 for reference)


You can check available discounts by hovering on “VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE”. (See Fig.5 for reference)


After you filled the required fields, and click on “CHECKOUT WITH FASTSPRING”, you see the FastSpring form where you face two options. (See Fig.6 for reference)

  1. Pay directly by entering the payment details (Card number, Exp. Date, Security Code).

  2. Generate an invoice, containing all the billing info, that will be sent to your email to pay at a later date.


Finish payment

After you finish the payment, you see an information dialog. (See Fig.7 for reference)


Manage Licenses

After pressing “Continue”, you are redirected to a “Thank you” page, from where you can go to the “Manage Licenses” page. (See Fig.8 for reference)


View invoice

After generating the invoice you can either:

  • “View Invoice”, which opens the invoice in a new tab. (See Fig.9 for reference)

  • Close the information dialog, and see a corresponding message in the app. (See Fig.10 for reference)

Previous license not payed successfully

In case you try to access the store while still having an unpaid previous invoice, you will see the following message to pay the invoice. (See Fig.11 for reference)

License already exists

In case you try to access the store while still having an ongoing premium subscription activated, you will see a message that you already purchased a subscription. When you click the link “Manage Licences“ you will get redirected to the “Manage Licenses” page to manage your paid subscription. (See Fig.12 for reference)