Work with Comala Document Management (v 3.0)

What is the App Used for?

The app is used to add workflows to your Confluence pages.

The Process Management Suite for Confluence app provides additional functions in case you have installed the Comala Document Management app.

Additionally there is a macro provided by our app which is only useful in combination with the Comala app > Export Workflow Information (v 3.0).

User information

Take a look into the User Guide of Comala Document Management for more detailed information.

Use Cases

With the use of Comala you as a user can see the following information:

  • Current version of a page (e.g. draft, review or published)

  • View page history 

  • Additional details by whom and when the last draft or published version was modified

  • Other versions are available (e.g. newer draft versions)
    • This information is necessary when people are working together in a process team.

All the information are shown in a concise format.

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