Confluence: Download SharePoint Solution Package (v 1.2)


You need to be Confluence Administrator to perform the following steps.


The download link for the SharePoint client-side solution package is provided in Confluence since Confluence acts as provider for the SharePoint client-side solution. The package is generated on the fly when you click the download link. You will get an adjusted package which matches your Confluence environment.

(warning) Therefore you cannot use a solution package generated on a specific Confluence environment for another Confluence environment (for example staging and production environment).

The download link for the client-side solution package is provided within the Confluence Administration under Administration Configure SharePoint Online > SharePoint Solution Package Download.


Image 1: Download link (click to enlarge)


Click on the download link. The following popup will be displayed: 


Image 2: Download dialog (click to enlarge)

Save the .sppkg file and proceed with SharePoint: Deploy Solution Package to App Catalog (v 1.2).


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