Access the detail view of a tutorial

The tutorial view allows you to read through the different steps of a single tutorial. There are several ways to navigate to that view, basically through clicking on a tutorial.

The app navigation bar contains a “Back” Button (1) which allows you to return to your previous view.

The search box (2) provides the same functionality as on the other views and allows you to search for tutorials matching your search term.

Searching will forward you to the screen.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to bookmark the tutorial (3).

You can also copy the link to the currently displayed tutorial (4). You can read more about sharing links here.

Content area

At the top, you will find some general information about the tutorial itself. On the left side, you can find a brief summary of the scenario and some hints for your work. The steps which are part of each tutorial are located in the central area.

Picture 1: A single Tutorial


Instructions may contain links to other tutorials which you can use to acquire further related information.