The dashboard is the starting page of Modern Work Guide and is the central place to discover the latest content that might be relevant for you. It can be accessed from everywhere inside of the app using the global tab navigation.

The dashboard is divided into several parts:


Picture 1: Dashboard - Desktop experience

The searchbox can be used to search for tutorials. You can simply use the input field to search for tutorials by a specific phrase. Searching will forward you to the https://communardo-products.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/UCG/pages/8421417 page.

2) Latest Tutorials

The caroussel keeps you updated about the latest tutorials available through our app.

3) Tutorials by Category

The area at the bottom displays all categories and related tutorials in sections. The category title (1) is displayed in the headline of each section and the date (2) shows the latest update in this category.


You are able to filter tutorials by a subcategory with the pills (3) provided on the right corner. The results of the category will be adjusted accordingly. You can simply remove the filter by clicking on the selected pill again.

Only one pill per category can be selected at the same time.

Every card contains some basic information about the tutorial. Using the “View details“ will forward you to the page where you can https://communardo-products.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/UCG/pages/8421383.

The “Show more tutorials” (4) option appearing at the bottom of each section allows you to view all tutorials of a category, as each category section shows you only the latest tutorials of the category.