The add-on needs a valid license to have all the provided features working. Valid licenses are subscriptions or 30-day trials and are available at the Atlassian Marketplace. The license model is the same as the one Atlassian uses for its products – for further information see Atlassian’s documentation.

To get a license and provide it for the plugin, please carry out the following:

  • Go to the license settings page (Settings > Apps > “Manage apps”)

  • Extend the “User Profiles for Jira” app

  • Use the links to create a new license at the Atlassian Marketplace (use “Free Trial” to get a new trial license - it will be converted into a subscription automatically after the trial period)

Without a valid license, a hint in the User profiles configuration will be explaining that the custom fields will no longer be updated, leading to outdated values being displayed over time.