Remove the app

If you want to completely remove our app from your environment, you (or a Microsoft administrator) should start with removing the previously given approval for our app in your Microsoft environment. To be able to do so, you have to execute the following steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in with your administrator account

  3. Search for enterprise applications in the search bar at the top → click on the appropriate result

    Image 1: Search for enterprise applications


  4. Search for our User Profiles for Jira app → click on the appropriate result

    Image 2: Search for the User Profiles for Jira app and click on it


  5. Click on Properties in the left sidebar of the app

    Image 3: Go to properties


  6. Click on Delete at the top to remove and therefore revoke the access of our app to your environment

    Image 4: Click on Delete


That’s it already on the Microsoft side. Afterwards you can just go to the Jira administration and uninstall our app in the Manage apps section in the Jira cloud administration.

We are really sad that you have uninstalled our app. Would you mind providing us some feedback why you uninstalled it? If so just click here to write us a mail and provide us some more details why you were not satisfied Thank you!