Macro "Profile List" (v 3.3)

Display the profile information of several users alphabetically sorted according to given criteria using the Profile List macro. The configuration options allow for different profile lists for a variety of purposes: birthday list, telephone directory, expert list ...

Image 1: Profile List Macro (table style)

Please refer to our FAQ article How do I create a phone book with User Profiles for Confluence? if you are interested in this option.








The criteria define which user profiles will be displayed. All user profiles that match the specified criteria will be displayed. Multiple criteria can be separated by comma (,).

For everyone familiar with Lucene search syntax: You can use it to further refine your criteria (see also Extended Search).

To display all users you have to insert [a TO z]

Elements per Page6optionalDefines how many user profiles will be displayed per page. If there are more elements, the page navigation menu will be displayed.
Styleprofile cardsoptional

The style defines how the results should be displayed.

  • profile cards – displays the user profiles in a business card layout for each user (as known from the People Directory). The shown profile elements depend on the selected mode (Full name and email will always be shown.)
  • table – displays the users' profiles listed in a table. One row for each user, one column for each profile element – the full name will always be the first column




The mode defines which elements of the user profile will be shown:

  • minimal
    • profile card style – the username, position (if available) and footer elements 
    • table style – the full name, E-Mail and Company Chat App (if available)
  • prioritized – selected elements of the user profile, according to the configuration of the user profile element (see “Prioritized Element” in  Configuration of Elements - Add and Edit)
  • selected elements – selected elements of the user profile that you have to enter below in the input field “Selected elements”
  • full – all elements of the user profile that contain data


Starting with version 3.2.0, for style profile cards, the value of the default profile element “Position” will be displayed below the username in the header of the Enhanced Profile macro. Also, profile elements of type phone will always be shown in the footer, no matter what mode was selected. This includes the default profile element "Phone".

Selected elementsnonerequired, if mode is ‘selected elements’

Fields to be displayed if the mode “selected elements” is chosen. All possible fields will be displayed in a drop-down list where you can select one or multiple fields.

Furthermore it is possible to render the profile list macro in the "profile cards" style, which looks as follows:

Image 2: Profile List Macro (profile cards)

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