View and edit Metadata

The content of a page can be enriched with Metadata. For that one or more Metadata fields are collected in Content Categories which can be assigned to a page. All existing Content Categories are available globally and can be managed in the administration area.

View and edit Metadata

Viewing a page

When viewing a page that belongs to a Content Category, you will see the Category name and a little icon next to the edit button at the top of the page.

After clicking on the Content Category name a dialog will open which shows the current Metadata values assigned to the page.
By using the pencil icon on top of the dialog you can edit the Metadata values directly.


Editing a page

When you are in the edit mode of a page which belongs to a Content Category, an icon will be shown next to the publish button.

By clicking this icon a dialog will pop up and allows you to edit the values of the Metadata fields of this Content Category.
After entering your data and pressing the submit button the new values are saved.