Display Metadata macro

What can it do?

You can now embed the Display Metadata macro in a Confluence page.

By including it, you can choose to:

Display all the metadata you’ve assigned to the page
Select and display only the metadata you need from the page

Display your macro in three easy steps:

After you’ve set the Metadata fields of your Content Category, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the plus sign to access the Macro Browser, and write “Display Metadata”.


2. Select the Metadata fields you’d like to display. You can choose between all the Metadata fields assigned to the page or only the ones you need :

You can click on the small “x” sign to remove a Metadata field.

3. See your Display Metadata Macro in action!


If you try to include the “Display Metadata” macro in a Confluence page which is not assigned to a Content Category, you will get the following error message:


But why should you use it? Some use case examples:

It’s a great way to build and insert the header of your documentation. Some examples include:

  • The header of your process documentation (role, document type, version, normative reference etc).

  • The header of your release documentation (software version, responsible person, user documentation, new features, etc).

  • The header of your product/project documentation (product manager, software architect, version, user documentation etc).

But don’t get limited by the header option only! You can choose to include the macro in any part of the page you’d prefer.