Create a Content Category page

Metadata for Confluence cloud allows admins to define globally available Content Categories. Each of them has a name, can have a description, has one or more Metadata fields and is linked to a Confluence page template.
When creating a new Confluence page you can use such a template to assign the page to the linked Content Category and provide values for the Metadata fields.

Assign a Content Category

On the right side of the Confluence editor when creating a new page, the template selector is shown. It will also list the templates which are linked to a Content Category. Since these templates always have the same name as the Category, you can find the one you are looking for easily. By using the search field on top or one of the other filters you can choose the correct one even faster.


After selecting the Content Category template a dialog will pop up which allows you to insert the values for the Metadata fields belonging to the Category. As soon as you save the dialog the Content Category will be assigned to the page and the Metadata values will be stored.

In case you prefer to focus on the page content first, you can also close the dialog right away. The Content Category will still be assigned and you can fill the Metadata later as described in the next section.

Edit Metadata while creating the page

After assigning the Content Category to the new page you will see a small panel above the editor that shows the name of the Category and allows you to edit the Metadata values.

To do so you just have to click “Edit Metadata fields” and the dialog will open again.

View and edit Metadata after publishing the page

After publishing the page everyone with appropriate access to the page can view and edit the Metadata. More details can be found in